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This website contains 20 years of thanksgiving photos, and 12 years on Renaissance Festival photos. Thee are scans of photos going back at least 120 years. I am also posting slideshows, and family pictures either sent to me, or that I have scanned. Maybell Bloesser's photo slideshow and pictures that Richard and Steve captured are here.

My email is james.waltrip.iv@gmail.com

Please email me if anything on this is not working.

  • There is a comments section at the bottom of each photo. Please as you identify who is in the photo, add a comment. Many of the older photos we are not sure who is in them.

  • There is also a section of clips from the 8mm video reels that have been scanned. We especially need help identifying this is in these.

  • You can order prints from this website. I have set up FotoMoto to allow purchasing prints. Be mindful that some of the older photos on here are not very high resolution so you would not want to print something large with them.

  • There is NO NEED to purchase prints. Click on the picture, and a full size copy will pop up in your browser. you can then right click on it and save it. you can put it on the thmb drive and take to many places like Walmart to print. (cheaper than FotoMoto). Walgreens also has a web based service where you can order picture and pick up locally.

  • If you have photos you would like to share via this website, please contact me,