Server Issues

Date: Aug 16, 2023 Category: Share: ,

It has taken me a while. In May I have a hard drive failure on the web server that triggered a replacement. Because it was the system/boot drive, I had to reinstall the OS and reconfigure it. About this time the other server started acting up, and the drive that holds all of the website pictures started going off line, and had to be replaced. That server OS then needed reinstalling.

During this whole process I learned where I have problems in my backup strategy. Any text in the websites was now gone, as that was stored in the database I was not backing up.

I have better documented my install process (if I have to do this again), and now backup all important files including the database. I now store the last 14 days of all backups, too.

I still have a little bit of organizing and titling, but pretty much everything is at least to the level of what I have before.